Intimate Horizons

  An important spiritual principle is that material existence was predicated by the desire to cultivate expressions of true love and the intimacy it cultivates. Material existence necessitated individuality and an exploration of separateness. A return from separateness is always at the fulcrum driving any memorable love story. In essence, individuality itself gave birth to an awareness of isolation and an awareness of feeling “incomplete”. It is this awareness of falling short of eternity that is the crux of the world’s spiritual disciplines. Still, isolation also propels the accumulation of passion. Passion drives creative expression, and is the the very current propelling discovering more intimate horizons.
Passion is the very fuel that secures spiritual emergence, enhanced clarity and greater wholeness within self. When properly calibrated such passion can set a soul alight so that it can transcend contention and pedigree of material considerations and set a course that imbues all aspects of life with vibrant expressions of true love. The often elusive destinations of  inner peace and satisfaction is seeded by true love and a love that is best cultivated by an openness to the unknown, but familiar. It is a journey of emerging to a greater intimacy.
But a soul that chooses to cleave to residue expressions of shame cannot experience authentic intimacy within self or with another. These feelings of shame will continually stifle one’s inner spiritual emergence, and saddle one with feelings of inadequacy. The more you choose to remain linear minded about growth, the more you will find yourself thwarted by feelings of deficit. Traces of shame will boil to the fore and block your growth to profoundly intimate expressions of being. This is because shame and Intimacy cannot mix. One is an expression of authentic engagement and the other disconnect. Personal judgments, and fetishes for parsimony weigh heavily upon the soul attempting to climb tiers of inner growth on the ladder to a greater love. This is why sincere individuals often find their authentic efforts of inner development cyclically  rebuffed, feeling as if their sincere aspirations are time and again leveled to rock bottom.
These souls can grow quite weary and too ashamed to exchange for truly intimate expressions. They often find themselves knotted with feelings of how they have been gifted with so much, but tend to contribute so very little. They are unable to adequately justify, or even articulate the nature of their own existence. In romantic terms, this is akin to lovers that feel compelled to close their eyes when exchanging expressions of unabashed intimacy, finding themselves incapable of partnering eye to eye as equals.
It is because they have not yet reconnected with True Love,  the native language of the soul. True love is essentially unconditional, it cannot be given, but can only be shared. And as you share it, more of it is able to flow through your soul on its way to touching the lives of others.
Without this vital expression, the soul is destined to be perpetually stuck with feelings of inadequacy and having to accomplish so much more. True Love alone harmonizes all deficits, and frees one to boldly graduate beyond such pettiness. It is the essential elixir that kisses the soul and imbues it with a halo of enhanced direction and purpose.
As you discover how to use True Love to live more harmoniously with all that you are, you have developed the essential training to live harmoniously and truly intimately with the soul of another. In this light, relationship can pave the pathway to a far greater gestalt, an eternal love story that transcending all worldly consideration.”

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