Relationship is one of the most challenging things that we pass through our life.

Living with someone different from us who sees life differently, is very confusing and require communications, first with ourselves and then with others.

To be with someone who grew up in a house different from ours, are not always so romantic.

It is difficult for us to put ourselves in the place of the partner.

If we see the world for a moment through the eyes of the other, things may become clear to us and to our partner.

The  partner and the relationship is often a mirror that reflects what we think about ourselves and what is happening within us.

So the trick is to listen and to see what we are asking of ourselves and then from our partner.

When we  act with such awareness ,the walking along the winding paths of the relationship, that includes so many layers of the human soul, is moor easy and clear to us.

The main one being; Love, which should be cherished in the moments it comes, because from love we came and toward love will go ♥

I’m here to guide you to a better relationship with yourself. 


she tells me….

She tells me:

I’m scared. Afraid all the time that I’m not enough ….

Not good enough

Not happy enough

Not positive enough

Not professional enough

Not smart enough, rich, successful.

I feel that I am not good enough.

I am afraid that if I get to know myself in depth with all my weaknesses then I will be rejected.

And how do you feel about these things? I ask her: You accept those sides in you that are not enough, you accept yourself like you are ,or you are constantly criticizing yourself and bringing yourself down.

Imagine someone telling you that the way God created you ,is good enough.

That the way you are is happy enough, positive enough, professional enough, smart enough, rich enough.

That from these lower places we grow , that if we do not recognize them and accept them  as an essential and harmonious part of us, we will not be able to develop from them and make a progress.

Accept your self without judgment without criticism. just be with all your weaknesses, with all your fears, without wanting to be someone else .

Tell yourself that just the way you are is wonderful and what you really want is a deep knowledge of your inner self in all its variations and forms.

The accurate understanding of how you operate is the change you want.

You want you the way you are, you accept you as you are, you love you the way you are .



I’m here to guide you to a better relationship with yourself. 


Sometimes I want to be like my mother

A woman of yesterday.

And then I want to be a woman of today.

I do not want to be a superwoman, do not want to be a woman that does every thing to please others and she is empty inside.

I do not want to have a career and raise three children at the same time, do not want to be a loving partner and everyone will be happy with me except me ..

I want to have time to myself .

I want that everything will be in the right size for me, not for my husband or for my girlfriends or for anyone else, just for me!

I do not want others to be said about me : “wow … what a good and sucssesfull woman and a great partner”.

I want to be Pleased with myself, to except my self as who I am !

There are days when housekeeping and cleanliness makes me more satisfied than any glorious career, raises my energy and makes me the most healthy in the world. , Healthy on myself and not on anyone else!

I do not want my partner to be pleased with me because I’m going according to what he thinks is right.

 I want to listen to myself and understand myself to be content with myself.

Being once the little woman and once the mastermind to be a full-time mother and once half-time, want the freedom to choose to be who I really a!

To choose for myself what makes me feel good without economic considerations without considerations at all.

 only with considerations of the right to choose my life.

Thanks .

I’m here to guide you to a better relationship with yourself. 

How to reduce our emotional and energetic dependence on the outside world:


Bosmat Perry

love and relationship expert

The first thing and the most important is :

Deep self-knowledge with yourself.

Who is the woman in the mirror? What are your negative (Deterrent) patterns and what are your positive patterns? What are your inferior parts and which are your superior parts?! This introduction with your self will help you reduce an emotional dependence on the environment and give you an inner stability and understanding of how your system works.

Each person has his or her own unique challenges and journey, so there is no point in comparison. why does she succeed and I do not?! why are her children educated and mine not?! all these comparisons are unnecessary and they are energy-consuming

Scientifically speaking there is not one brain like the other on Earth, each has its own special wiring in the brain. Each, has its own paths in which it goes and therefore your vision of the world is different from your friends.

The rule says: ” A soul is supposed to make its way in its own way, not at the expense of the other and not for the sake of the other” (from the book of channel Yehoyad)

The hardest thing for us to do is to return the question to me ? what does it reflect in me. When there is a situation that I am in and something happens that undermines me emotionally, I ask myself the question: What is it to reflect? To teach me about myself about my feelings.

Every person who enters our life comes to teach us to tell us to awaken us!!!!!

It all begins and ends with us

I’m here to guide you to a better relationship with yourself.