“bh” Tazria

This week’s Torah portion Tazria translates into English as childbirth… where the root word means “seed” This portion goes on to discuss ritual purity and how important it is for us to know our purpose here on earth.

We were not created first in the order of creation… we were created last…what does that say about mankind…  if we act in a pure manner G-d created the world first so that we could enjoy all the pleasures that life has to offer.  If we act corruptly or un-G-dly… G-d forbid… Hashem created the gnats and the maggots before he created us… the mother plays an important role in the development of a child… from the moment of conception we must be as pure and close to Hashem as possible to see the fruits of our labor… and the eighth day will take care of itself!