Perfect In Your Imperfection

Many get lost searching for the perfect partner because they confuse it with searching for perfection. Perfection is synthetic and a distraction. Rather, you should be looking for someone perfect in their imperfection.

A helpful rule:

Imperfections within a partner is the very space gifted for one to shine.

What your soul truly yearns for is a partner that will provide you with the conditions to make all the difference by simply remaining authentically true. In this way your soul can be  witnessed in the fulness of its essential nature, reflecting the benevolence from which it was fashioned.

❤ Is

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Trust Is An Absolute


When it comes to key attributes that fuel authentic relationships,”Trust” stands out as the rare absolute.

Simply put, without complete trust, you can never be truly connected.

Relationships deprived of authentic connection are doomed to suffocate in the sterile confines of disillusionment and narcissism.

A true relationship is ultimately a dance of mutual vulnerability that, in tandem, welcomes a mutual advancement beyond the confines of what is “comfortably numb” to secure the rapturous terrain  of the indefinably Unknown.

Together; as a unit, each is partner is validated and witnessed within the promising halo of their greater soul. And together they launch undauntedly onto the task of unwrapping the knots that bind their greater selves.


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Like Breathing

It is like breathing.

Is breathing taking breaths or releasing them?
In truth, it is the totality, free of any hierarchy for the elements of expression.
It is similar with TRUE LOVE.

You learn to stop filtering your perceptions in terms of “giver” and “receiver”, as these categories are a clumsy facsimile for the energetic synergy truly at play.

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