“BH” Vayeshev

this weeks Torah Portion is: Vayeshev translates to: and he lived…Jacob wished to dwell in tranquility…settle down…to abide with a sense of serenity after what he went through with Lavan and the loss of Rachel! how we await to reach retirement and be free to do what? nothing? taking? collecting things? the answer is to give instead of taking… to devote ourselves to our spiritual needs… by study of Torah…acts of kindness and social responsibility. to do that which is really important… there is more to life than eating drinking and sleeping,.. Here on earth for as long as we live there is no repose or retirement for the righteous… they do and must keep on going and developing! inspired by Torah on the Line 905 731-7777

‘BH’ Vayishlach

This weeks Torah portion Vayishlach translates to: and he sent… Jacob sent precious gifts to Esau after the ordeal with the stealing of his birthright. Jacob wanted to make peace with his brother Esau. Esau represents the hunter… his inner being is lead by his animal soul… Jacob on the other hand is the Torah scholar… a man who is lead by his G-Dly soul. we all have Jacob and Esau in us… the trick is to harness and appeal to our animal soul with physical effort as well as asking for G-ds help which will transform our animal soul to serve G-D as… Jacob sent gifts to Esau…

“BH'” Vayetze

Vayetze translates to: and he left…
Jacob left his parents to go to his uncles home in a wicked place and the events that happened on his way and during the 20 years he spent there. It was corrupt…a city of evil people… Jacob left his home… deeply imprinted in his heart were his roots.. of where he comes from… who he is to his heavenly source and mission…. Like Jacob…we have to safeguard ourselves from becoming spiritually impure…to maintain spiritual health and wellbeing. we must do everything in our strength to protect and immunize ourselves from getting infected. when we are connected tightly to above… we will not fall below!

“BH” Toledot

this weeks Torah portion Toledot is translated as:
“Generations” or Descendants… Isaac is the son of Abraham and Abraham is the father of Isaac goes on to discuss how the repetition is deliberate. sometimes the parents are proud of their children and their children are proud of their parents… other times the children are embarrassed of their parents and the parents are embarrassed of their children… it is our responsibility as parents to teach our children right from wrong when they are young by being a good role model so that they will develop good moral character and pass it on to the next Generation.