“BH” Chayei Sarah

This week’s Torah portion is translated to: The Life of Sarah… which starts with her death. this goes on to teach us that her life exemplified perfection… not because she acted perfectly every moment of her journey…at the conclusion of her life G-D sufficed it as perfect. Sarah experienced much hardship in her life as most of us do… she achieved perfection because she repented for her sins and transformed not only herself but her surroundings. her life continues in her death through her child… Isaac. the perfect life does not end in death…it sanctifies all that comes after it.

“bh” Vayera

this weeks Torah portion is Vayera translated to; and He appeared… Abraham had a circumcision at 99 years old… the act of circumcision spiritual meaning is to remove the foreskin of the world, that surface of selfish pleasure which conceals its true nature as the Divine creation. Abrahams act reminds us that when we do so.. we will be granted through Abraham: the prophetic awareness of G-D!

“Bh” Lech Lecha

Lech Lecha means move onwards… go forth… to higher and better things.
we cannot stay on one level… remain static… our sages note that the difference between man and angels is that angels stay the same…they remain at any level or degree that was given to them with their creation… whereby man alone can raise and elevate themselves on an ongoing process. this means that if man does not progress… G-D forbid he will fall backwards. Humans have the ability to improve themselves and are obligated to. this is the first command to Abraham and through him to all of us… go forth… move on… reach out to higher goals… get out of your mundane involvements… when we are obsessed with our physical and mundane desires… we limit ourselves…man must learn to master and control his feelings and character traits… if you want to find truth, develop your human potential… go outside of your own understanding by listening to G-Ds guidance and instruction which is guaranteed to give you Victory!
inspired by Torah on the Line 905 709 3868


This week’s Torah Portion is about Noah!
Noach in Hebrew translation is comfortable which goes on to teach us that Noah lived in the generation of the flood as the world was filled with violence. Because of this… G-D decided to destroy the earth. only Noah and his family found favor with G-D. Noah was a righteous man and perfect in his generation and Noah walked with G-D. Some Scholars argue that Noah was a credit to his generation and others discredit him. Noah made very little effort to plead with G-D on behalf of his generation. he did not interfere with the welfare of others like Abraham or Moses did…which requalifies righteousness to a whole new level! on the other hand… Torah teaches us to always judge favorably! therefore… Noah was a righteous man and perfect in his generation.

inspired by Torah on the line… 905 731 7777