EIKEV which means Heel!

the heel is the lowest and least sensitive body part that we use to step on things which goes on to explain that to feel your heel takes effort! last weeks Torah portion speaks of the children of Israel’s older generation that had seen with their own eyes the miraculous workings of G-D whereby the younger generation heard about it… never witnessing G-Ds miracles first hand. it takes added effort for us to have faith in our G-D and this is why for the Israelites in the desert the Shema used to only be: you shall love the lord your G-D with all your heart and soul. the revised version for the children that entered into the promised land recite: you shall love the lord your G-D with all your heart, your soul and your might! this distinction demonstrates to us that our dependence on G-D is not an inheritance! we must make a conscious effort to study G-D’s word and to do his commandments to experience the miracles that are taking place every moment…which is nothing in comparison to what we will see with our own eyes upon the acknowledgement that Messiah has arrived!

this weeks Torah Portion VAETCHANAN!

is all about the destruction of the 1st and 2nd Temple only to anticipate that the 3rd and final temple will have the most revelation of all!

Moses the humblest of men… pleaded with G-D to let him lead the nation of Israel into the promised land 515 times not as an entitlement… as a gratuitous gift… to no avail. instead Joshua was ordained by G-D to take the lead. if Moses was allowed to lead us into Israel the Messiah would have been revealed at that moment and we would be in the elevated version of the Garden of Eden. it was not the time because G-D has a much better plan. we are all G-D’s only child. a child of the highest G-D wanting the best for us just like a parent wants the best for his or her only child. when we know how much we are loved we can feel entitled and be miserable or we can honor the privileges that we are given and be joyful in it. by using our energy and talents to do good deeds will contribute to the hastening of the 3rd and final temple where G-D will Reign on earth as it is in heaven!

Devarim is this weeks Torah Portion!

The meaning of Devarim is the words and things Moses is about to address the generation that is about to enter Israel! they needed council from Moses and had to be commanded about self sacrifice and the like…having the ability to be physical and to infuse G-D into every day life… Because they were not the generation that saw G-D on Sinai with their own eyes that had no sense of the physical realm… they were the generation that heard about it! although the later generation lacked the spiritual immediacy of their forefathers they were to reach something unattained by their fathers which is the rest and the inheritance of the building of the 3rd temple in our day! and therefore be even more spiritually intense than any previous generation!

“bh” Pinchas!

This week’s Torah wisdom is about the story of Pinchas and his zealousness to do the right thing when everyone else did nothing! Compromise is not an option when it comes to right and wrong! Sometimes an action that is taken can look cruel to us although it is really a gesture of love when we pursue the ultimate Truth which is spelled out to us in our daily meditation on the word of G-D!