“BH” Vayakhel

Vayakhel translates to English: “and he assembled”. Moses assembled all the congregation of the children of Israel and said onto them…”These are the words which the Lord has commanded, that you should do them. six days shall work be done, but on the seventh day there shall be to you a holy day, a Sabbath of solemn rest to the Lord”. this portion goes on to teach us that when Israel keeps the word of the Al-mighty, their work is done for them by others” literally, this refers to a blessing conferred by Heaven . it means that during the six days of his work, he should be occupied, but not preoccupied by the secular. Gather the nation of Israel is of strategic importance because it was the day after Yom Kippur, when the sin of the Golden Calf, which had brought back into the world the spirit of impurity, was atoned for. the world was to be restored to its original state after the giving of the 10 commandments as it was before the first sin. therefore there had to be an “assembly” in which the people were gathered into a unity.

“bh” Ki Tisa

this week’s Torah portion Ki Tisa translates to English…
when you take a census of the Jewish people… when you take the sum of the head of the Jewish people each one should give an atonement for his soul to G-D. each person was counted by his contribution of half a sheckle…no more and no less… this comes to teach us that it is prohibited to count a Jew by number… just like our body needs all our organs to work in unison to be healthy… so does the nation of Israel… each individual needs to contribute their part not as a gift offering but as a sanctification to G-d. Idol worship and vacillation are not the same. an idol worshipper can Return to his pure essence by repenting and doing good deeds where by vacillation is double mindedness…they can contaminate others with their actions and opinions and as long as it benefits them… they will commit.  if it doesn’t benefit them… they will pursue their own path… we must think of the greater good… how our actions raise and elevate each other. ‘The L-rd, he is G-d. The L-rd he is G-d”

‘BH” Tetzaveh”

this weeks Torah portion Tetzaveh translated to English is:
“you shall command” when G-d told Moses to erect a Sanctuary, he said, and meaning , “And they shall make me a Sanctuary, and I will dwell in them”…..meaning in the soul of every Jew. even though the physical Temple is destroyed, the inward Temple which each Jew makes within himself survives indestructible. whether we are made of copper… which means that our soul needs correction or if we are made of gold… meaning that our soul is polished… our true essence from the meeting at Sinai can not ever be lost.

“BH” Terumah

this weeks Torah portion Terumah is translated from Hebrew to English as: lifted apart, but meaning donation in modern Hebrew. deals with the fundamental mitzva of building a Sanctuary which would be a dwelling place for the Shechinah. to radiate and inspire G-dliness to the whole world. goes on to teach us that G-d spoke to the children of Israel… to take from me a generous offering who’s heart impels him to give. or for my sake… for G-ds sake to give a generous offering in the contribution of the building of the G-dly Sanctuary. the lesson is that we give that which is G-ds for the glory of G-d. not for any ulterior motive of our own… G-d owns us and everything we have. Charitable giving for the sake of G-d’s glory is an essential and most G-dly mindset when giving to others…