How to reduce our emotional and energetic dependence on the outside world:


Bosmat Perry

love and relationship expert

The first thing and the most important is :

Deep self-knowledge with yourself.

Who is the woman in the mirror? What are your negative (Deterrent) patterns and what are your positive patterns? What are your inferior parts and which are your superior parts?! This introduction with your self will help you reduce an emotional dependence on the environment and give you an inner stability and understanding of how your system works.

Each person has his or her own unique challenges and journey, so there is no point in comparison. why does she succeed and I do not?! why are her children educated and mine not?! all these comparisons are unnecessary and they are energy-consuming

Scientifically speaking there is not one brain like the other on Earth, each has its own special wiring in the brain. Each, has its own paths in which it goes and therefore your vision of the world is different from your friends.

The rule says: ” A soul is supposed to make its way in its own way, not at the expense of the other and not for the sake of the other” (from the book of channel Yehoyad)

The hardest thing for us to do is to return the question to me ? what does it reflect in me. When there is a situation that I am in and something happens that undermines me emotionally, I ask myself the question: What is it to reflect? To teach me about myself about my feelings.

Every person who enters our life comes to teach us to tell us to awaken us!!!!!

It all begins and ends with us

I’m here to guide you to a better relationship with yourself.

This Week’s Torah Meditation:

“BO” is the Torah meditation for this week.
G-D’s Devine directive to Moses to tell Pharaoh to let his people go for I have hardened his heart and the heart of his servants. What does it mean that G-D hardened Pharaoh’s heart? G-D gives us freedom of Choice. Hindsight is 20/20 vision. If we knew the outcome of our decisions that would hardly give us freedom of choice. We are accountable for our choices that we make and if we choose right we are rewarded. On the other hand, if we choose wrong we are punished.
This teaches us that we have to call on G-D to come with us in all our trials and tribulations. G-D in all his glory asks us to come with him so that we can get out of ourselves and break the physical barriers that have been brought upon us since creation. To achieve the victory in which Hashem has granted us, we must cling to him at all times. 🤗

This Week’s Torah Wisdom and Meditation is:

VAEIRAH teaches us that everything that happens is for the best! G-d asked Moses to go to Pharaoh and to tell him to “let my people go” after that things got worse and Moses cried to G-d and said, you asked me to go to Pharoah and I did what you said and things got worse than they were before. G-d said to Moses, “just watch and see what I do, you have nothing to fear. I am G-d and you don’t know what I know. Trust me! “ Sometime, we trust Hashem and we do things that we believe are right by Hashem, and things get worse. The more severe the downfall, the more elevated the triumph! When We Obey G-D.