“bh” BALAK is this weeks Torah Portion! the wicked King of Moab…

teaches us about how Balak tried to engage the prophet Balaam for the purpose of cursing the migrating Israelite community. All the curses turned into Blessing!

Many of us live according to our physical needs first and then attend to our spiritual ones. that is not the way G-D intended it for us. the majority of the world is doing things in the wrong order as well as not in priority sequence. that is why we have so much unhappiness, strife and chaos. There will come a day where G-D will reveal himself for everyone to see and we will turn away from our evil ways and be redeemed just as what was meant for our harm, with Balaam’s evil curses turning into blessing… may this transformation take effect in our very own life Today! with the Coming of Moshiach!

This Weeks Torah Portion CHUKAT highlights our strange practice of using the ashes of the Red Heifer to purify us from contact with the dead!

Chukat is the ordinance of the law given to Moses and Aaron from G-D that is inaccessible to Human reason. Finite man cannot understand G-D’s intellect. For those who need an explanation for everything that they are commanded to do it is as if they are playing judge and jury to G-D!

Rising above nature in spirit and soul can only be achieved when we empty our vessel out and fill our vessel up with the word and direction of the Divine Master of the Universe!  Studying G-D’s blueprint of creation… the Bible…we will witness the Creation of the 3rd and Final Temple and usher in an era of World Peace!  Messiah!