This week’s Torah Portion teaches us about the Sabbatical year and the giving of the first fruit! every 7 years Israel is commanded to give the land a rest… not to plant any seeds… grow any fruits or vegetables in the holy land. G-D says: “Test Me” the giving of the first fruit on the other hand is all about giving charity joyfully and to keep in mind that all we have belongs to G-D… giving away from the source of who provides for us… the 1st fruit and not the leftovers!
G-D says: “Test Me” when we obey and acknowledge that everything we have belongs to G-D and we give willingly and joyfully of that which is his… we will reap the benefits in huge proportions… unexpectedly!

Ki Tetzeh

this weeks Torah wisdom teaches us how we go out to wage war against our enemies! we must train our evil inclination to serve G-D! with eagerness, enthusiasm and zealousness! we go out to wage war because we do not let it get a foothold onto our territory! we meet it on his! and use it to have a hand in making the world a place with the coming of Messiah speedily in our Days!


this weeks Torah Portion speaks to us about the principle of Justice!

in all our Gates which refers to all our orifices including our eyes, ears, nostrils and mouth. we must guard the entrance of sin and transgression by practicing piety and holiness.

our Gates also refer to the Torah learning and doing good deeds. when we subject ourselves to the diaspora mentality we are vulnerable to the judgment of the Secular world which aims at the refinement of the guilty!

when we immerse our thoughts and deeds to do what the Torah teaches us we regain our closeness to G-d’s will! which ultimately brings us happiness, merit and peace! We must judge ourselves first… and judge others favorably to truly be blessed for a great year with the coming of the Messiah speedily in our Days!

‘bh” This Weeks Torah Portion: RE’EH

RE’EH translates to SEE!
I have set before you this day life and death… blessing and curse! Teshuva is a change of heart, returning to G-D and away from sin. the biggest transgression for the nation of Israel is idolatry! worshipping other G-D’s can be extreme admiration, love, or reverence for something or someone other than G-D! The Torah commands us first and foremost “I am the Lord your G-D. Have no other G-D’s before Me.
Obeying this commandment along with study and prayer will ignite a lust in our heart to pursue G-D’s intention for our life and live up to our purpose…to be a lamp for all nations with the Coming of Moshiach speedily in our Days!