Recipe for Peace

The premise of spirituality is that all of creation is a synergetic dance. Its’ ebb and flow drives perpetual exchange. Every giver is simultaneously receiving, and every receiver is simultaneously giving. While one process is achieved overtly, the other remains shrouded in mystique. Spirituality is the discipline for pulling back the curtain of mystery in ways that restore the architecture of the balance into realization.

Consider someone who gives a gift to another. To the untrained eye the receiver is returning nothing in exchange. However, a seasoned spiritualist realizes that the receiver is extending the gift of giving. By granting the gift of giving to the giver, the receiver bestows a gift that is spiritually affirming.Most relate to the Divine as a benevolent giver of life. When someone is afforded a gift of giving, they are being extended a medium through which they can incorporate an active flow of this aspect Divinity. Spiritually, this equivalence of expression activates a shared vibrancy; a powerful wavelength for creative eros. This momentum propels the giver closer to the Divinity of their own soul. This is why giving warms the heart. It is why despite being wired by evolutionary circuitry that awards conquest, the spirit of humanity continue to arise with a generous spirit.

Spiritualists see receiving in a very different way than the common man. They see receiving as a playing a constructive role in amplifying the underlying unity. When receiving, they focus their heart’s intention to dedicate the act in ways that spiritually affirm respective roles contributing to interconnectedness. This honouring of the respective roles that together imbue diversity with a realized spirit of the “whole”. This spiritual recipe for wholeness can be called “harmony”, “balance”, “beauty”; but most fundamentally for our times, “peace”.


For our world to achieve a lasting peace there needs to be an internal appreciation of the sacred roles respective parties contribute towards setting conditions for authentic expression and meaningful achievement. This appreciation, prepares conditions for authentic exchange and cross-polinization that bridges the honour of nations, peoples and cultures. It is an appreciation that creates the space for greater communion and spiritual interdependence. It affirms the trust that cultivates transformation through the mutual surrender involved in growing into becoming part of something so much more.


This should seem familiar, as this is also the nature of true love. A love that is not vulnerable can never be true love, as it lacks the very soul of reciprocal trust. Love requires a mutual surrender, a levelling of the definitions of selfhood to evoke the greater spirit with the transcendent. This is why lasting relationships require for each partner to honour the spirit of what the other is extending. It is only in this way that each will continue to inspire growth within each other. They become more than a romantic pairing, but rather help-mates for cultivating a spirit that is greater than each of their respective intrinsic assets. This involves a dedication to realization. The realized honour and trust secures the conditions for mutual vulnerability that summons the greater spirit of the whole.

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Eye to Eye

Our world is governed by great balance. It is an intricately designed balance of contrasting extremities. This balance was set in place to provide a perfected theatre for authentic choice. Through the polarizing filter of this balance a soul becomes better groomed to make sovereign choices and gain greater responsibility. As the soul grows, it cultivates ripe choices and dedicates these towards love. Because these choices are ripened in the context of this balance, the love that is shared is passionate and powerful in its intimacy.

An essential secret of the spiritual masters is;
“The answer to every “why” in existence is to help render your love greater and more authentic.” It may appear simple, but its truth is so very profound.

Our worldly existence has been calibrated to provide a creative canvas for authentic expression. Each soul has countless opportunities to partner in expressions of true love. Amidst this balance, a soul can grow to share a love so true it reflects the very nature of the source from which it was hewn.

The source consciousness from which all has sprung was not compelled by “want” or “need”. Instead, the source consciousness set in motion a sovereign choice that seeded existence with the ripening of an equally sovereign choice. It was through these choices of equivalent sovereignty that a most intimate revelation could come to light. The souls that pass through this realization would grow to bathe themselves and all of existence through the unconditionality of this timeless love.

True lovers share their authenticity “eye to eye” from a weightless place of mutual surrender. Similarly, the balanced filter provides the lens through which all of creation can graduate to the light of True Love. This sets the stage for existence itself to gradually coalesce and share with the greatest intimacy.

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Marital Bliss?

From spiritual standpoint, marital relationships are designed to help coax you to a greater proximity of True Love.

Through the experience of True Love’s unconstitutionality you awaken to beauty hidden within your own soul. A SoulMate has the ability to awaken in their partner these unexpressed, but inherent qualities just by standing in the sheer essence of their inner soul’s passion.

Well beyond the “give and take” of worldly considerations and conquests, it is this kind of spiritual synergy that blesses a marriage with deep awe and inspiration for greater meaning of what it means to be human.

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Like Breathing

It is like breathing.

Is breathing taking breaths or releasing them?
In truth, it is the totality, free of any hierarchy for the elements of expression.
It is similar with TRUE LOVE.

You learn to stop filtering your perceptions in terms of “giver” and “receiver”, as these categories are a clumsy facsimile for the energetic synergy truly at play.

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