A Few Tips For Being A Great Sedar Guest and Enjoying The Holiday

1. Please know that you are not a fifth wheel. If you have been invited as a guest to a Passover Sedar, let me remind you that the Haggadah states “Let all come and eat”. So, know that you are welcome and enjoy the holiday.

2. Feel free to ask questions. Don’t be shy. Ask about the dress code, the time, the other guests, etc. Passover is an occasion where questions are welcomed.

3. Offer to bring something. Offer to bring a side dish, a dessert, but ask your host/hostess first. Guests may have food allergies or perhasp an 18th dessert may not be warranted.

4. Host/ Hostess gifts: Who doesn’t like receiving presents? Some ideas include a pretty matzah cover, Passover truffles, a nice bottle of Passover wine, the options are many. One thing I advise against though are fresh cut flowers unless they are already pre- arranged in a container. Your host/hostess does not have time to play florist. They are busy!

5. Come with an open mind. No two sedars are alike as all families have different traditions and personalities.

6. Be prepared to be offered to be set up on dates by well-meaning guests: While Aunt Shirley may present as your host/hostesses crazy aunt, she may just have the perfect person for you. Give potential matchmaking a chance because you just never know.

Happy Passover friends. All the best to you and yours.


she tells me….

She tells me:

I’m scared. Afraid all the time that I’m not enough ….

Not good enough

Not happy enough

Not positive enough

Not professional enough

Not smart enough, rich, successful.

I feel that I am not good enough.

I am afraid that if I get to know myself in depth with all my weaknesses then I will be rejected.

And how do you feel about these things? I ask her: You accept those sides in you that are not enough, you accept yourself like you are ,or you are constantly criticizing yourself and bringing yourself down.

Imagine someone telling you that the way God created you ,is good enough.

That the way you are is happy enough, positive enough, professional enough, smart enough, rich enough.

That from these lower places we grow , that if we do not recognize them and accept them  as an essential and harmonious part of us, we will not be able to develop from them and make a progress.

Accept your self without judgment without criticism. just be with all your weaknesses, with all your fears, without wanting to be someone else .

Tell yourself that just the way you are is wonderful and what you really want is a deep knowledge of your inner self in all its variations and forms.

The accurate understanding of how you operate is the change you want.

You want you the way you are, you accept you as you are, you love you the way you are .



I’m here to guide you to a better relationship with yourself.