Courageous Vulnerability

The key to a lasting relationship is finding a partner with who you fulfill a reciprocal dynamic of empowerment. Such a relationship will innately render each more authentic and better able to access their idealized self because they are cast in the supportive shadow of their partner’s complimentary attributes and trust.

Ultimately, what you are achieving in a fulfilling relationship is someone with who you can entrust the essence of your truest self. This is someone who will keep you honest and aligned with the trajectory of a future of fulfilled potentials. Secured in the magnitude of their loyalty and care, you bask in the sovereign glow of being able to safely grow more whole. This partner is someone that you can confide in with a courageous vulnerability. Your partner becomes your sacred place where you turn to find shelter and commune. In the the temple of your partner’s heart you immerse yourself each day in the rejuvenating mystique of your most vulnerable self.


– ❤ Is

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