This Weeks Torah Portion CHUKAT highlights our strange practice of using the ashes of the Red Heifer to purify us from contact with the dead!

Chukat is the ordinance of the law given to Moses and Aaron from G-D that is inaccessible to Human reason. Finite man cannot understand G-D’s intellect. For those who need an explanation for everything that they are commanded to do it is as if they are playing judge and jury to G-D!

Rising above nature in spirit and soul can only be achieved when we empty our vessel out and fill our vessel up with the word and direction of the Divine Master of the Universe!  Studying G-D’s blueprint of creation… the Bible…we will witness the Creation of the 3rd and Final Temple and usher in an era of World Peace!  Messiah!

Rosh Hashana – A time to reflect and a time for new beginnings

Rosh Hashana begins a 10 day personal reflection which ends on Yom Kippur. As Rosh Hashana quickly approaches, it is time for all of us to reassess our goals and our dreams. We look at our past achievements, our failures, the good times, and the bad. Most importantly, we look for improvement in the days ahead of us.

This past year was a whirlwind for me. Professionally;  I completed 100 hours of a Family Mediation internship, I became a presenter at the Ontario Family Court, and I trained as a Certified Divorce Coach. My Coaching training specifically taught me how to help others become unstuck, how to conquer their doubts, their fears, and how to find the tools to become their best selves. All of which really resonates with what we need to do on Rosh Hashana.

What most people do not recognize is that in order to move forward more successfully and positively, they need to embrace a place of discomfort. We need to own up to our misgivings, our wrongs, and to accept that we need to try uncomfortable things in order to get to that place of success. If we do not feel this discomfort; we will remain stuck in the places that we want to move  away from, and we will ultimately repeat our same mistakes. Essentially, we need to have self awareness in regard to our shortcomings, and we need to adjust our behaviors and reactions accordingly.

So this Rosh Hashana, think of three areas  where you wish to grow and/or improve. Consider what you will need to do to get there and take the steps to do it. Move out of your comfort zone. It is the only way that you can move forward positively.

My final thought –  I want to wish everyone of my readers a sweet, healthy, and prosperous New Year (with the added bonus of finding love, of course).

Shana Tova,




Relationship is one of the most challenging things that we pass through our life.

Living with someone different from us who sees life differently, is very confusing and require communications, first with ourselves and then with others.

To be with someone who grew up in a house different from ours, are not always so romantic.

It is difficult for us to put ourselves in the place of the partner.

If we see the world for a moment through the eyes of the other, things may become clear to us and to our partner.

The  partner and the relationship is often a mirror that reflects what we think about ourselves and what is happening within us.

So the trick is to listen and to see what we are asking of ourselves and then from our partner.

When we  act with such awareness ,the walking along the winding paths of the relationship, that includes so many layers of the human soul, is moor easy and clear to us.

The main one being; Love, which should be cherished in the moments it comes, because from love we came and toward love will go ♥

I’m here to guide you to a better relationship with yourself.