Relationship is one of the most challenging things that we pass through our life.

Living with someone different from us who sees life differently, is very confusing and require communications, first with ourselves and then with others.

To be with someone who grew up in a house different from ours, are not always so romantic.

It is difficult for us to put ourselves in the place of the partner.

If we see the world for a moment through the eyes of the other, things may become clear to us and to our partner.

The  partner and the relationship is often a mirror that reflects what we think about ourselves and what is happening within us.

So the trick is to listen and to see what we are asking of ourselves and then from our partner.

When we  act with such awareness ,the walking along the winding paths of the relationship, that includes so many layers of the human soul, is moor easy and clear to us.

The main one being; Love, which should be cherished in the moments it comes, because from love we came and toward love will go ♥

I’m here to guide you to a better relationship with yourself. 


Counting of the Omer

The counting of the Omer is between Passover when G-d took us out of Egypt with a mighty hand and Shavuot when we were given our Torah by Moses on Mount Sinai. During this time… thousands of Rabbi Akiva’s students suffered from a terrible plague and died. on the 33rd day the plague was lifted and that is why we celebrate LagB’Omer. the Rabbi’s go on to teach us that the 1st day of the Omer we are closer to an animal in nature and by the end of the Omer we are one level away which belongs to G-d from having a more refined nature like our Creator.  The reason for the plague was that the students disrespected each other. they had disagreements and arguments to achieve personal power and influence: that were not rooted in: having a disagreement for the sake of truth and the greater good. Causeless hatred is rampant amongst our society today. If we could shift our thinking and gage what is right and wrong, truth or lie, good or bad by how G-d would handle the situation, be our brother’s keeper, looking out for each other…rather than just ourselves,  we can have a hand in bringing the Garden of Eden back in all it’s Glory with G-d living amongst us and inheriting the Gates of our enemies.