‘BH’ Beshalach

this week’s Torah portion Beshalach translates to; “when he let go” literally “in having sent” which addresses the partying of the Red Sea for the Nation of Israel and the drowning of the pursuers. G-D had spoken to the Red Sea upon it’s inception and instructed the Sea in advance to split for the Nation of Israel. if the Sea would not have complied… the whole chapter would have been erased from Hashem’s Torah as if it never existed. the Israelites saw all the miracles that G-D had done for them… and as long as things were going well… they took it all in… when things went south… they complained that it was better in Egypt… at least they knew what to expect… slavery and all…it’s not enough to be free on a physical level… we have to be free from a spiritual perspective to break the shackles of everyday life in  this mundane world…


this weeks Torah portion BO translates to the command form of “go,” or “come”. G-D was sending Moses to go and return to Pharaoh in order to speak to him about the last plague that will happen to the Egyptians at midnight. the smiting of their first born. midnight is the time of the meeting of severity and kindness.  Come meaning…midnight is the time in which

G-Ds essence is revealed.. come with me… “certainly i will be with you”

we will be shown the future redemption as a reward for our faith in the almighty G-D which constitutes our most inward certainty and extends to every facet of our being! inspired by: Chabad teaching…

‘bh” VAERA

This weeks Torah Portion Vaera translates to: “and I appeared” this portion addresses the Jewish exile out of Egypt.  Moses was sent by G-D to redeem them but Pharaoh was stubborn and things got worse for the Jews.  This left Moses disillusioned and upset and he cried out to G-D!  “Now you will see what I shall do to Pharaoh.” G-D spoke to Moses and said “I am G-D” and proceeded with the re affirmation of the divine promise and covenant to redeem and save Israel and to take them onto him as his nation.  G-D has many names… these divine names refer to the divine attributes. according to his working… such as justice and strictness, divine mercy and compassion… this distinction of divine names… when implemented our human eyes fail to see the ways of G-D.  “I am dealing with you and Israel with the attribute of mercy and compassion.  Trusting in the word…knowing that G-D is for our good and everything that happens is for our benefit.