this week’s Torah Portion Vayikra translates to:
“and he called”…and G-d called onto Moses. why does it emphasize that: and G-D called onto Moses. Moses was the only prophet in the Bible that saw G-d face to-face . this teaches us that when we have such a connection with a person…we tend to take for granted that we can just barge in on them any time…at our hearts desire because we have a bond. Moses teaches us that even though G-d chose Moses as the leader of the Jewish people… Moses did not have a sense of entitlement… he still kept his awe… when it came to G-d calling upon him. G-d chose Moses because he was the humblest of all men. when a man chases after honor and glory… honor and glory shuns him. when he doesn’t chase after honor and glory… honor and glory pursue him.

“BH” Vayikra