Awaiting the Spring

Gazing out across the lakes frozen tundra, I can count so many varying shades of grey.

I begin to find sublime humor and awesomeness in each varying shade.

The clock says spring, but I am feeling cold and unmoved by this. I observe the trees, standing solemnly with the weight of ice on its limbs, each passing wind, another branch torn asunder I huddle in front of my fire, my new pup cuddled close as I reflect on pollination, rebirth and spring. It seems far away. Actually like from another planet far!

I draw from my bank of memories and extract a springtime memory. Something as simple as walking home from school 7 th grade, everything melting, the sun on my face. It was feeling of connection to life, to the earth, with her blooming fragrant essences.

Today without the fragrance essences I am learning to embrace and welcome what ever joy I can extract from life, in the grey. This I discovered is key to bliss Gratitude even in the greys, the blues, whatever state that pulls you away from your higher self,

The honey bee, buzzing and flying from flower to flower pollinating and creating is in her state of essence and bliss. Precious ones, I suggest we all do the same. We are here for such a undeniably short time, embrace and find love everywhere.

Gratitude is the best attitude.

We are a nation victorious as we celebrate Purim this week, history shows we held ourselves together beautifully, acted righteously and celebration followed. Esther is our symbol of beauty and humility, uniting the people through her strength and dignity.

Remember, you don’t have to wait for the seasons to change or to find a new “love” it exists in all of us at all times.

Happy Spring, Happy Purim !

The Journey to Love, not Loves Destination

Every day there exists in the universe abundance, even if your perspective does not support this,  because you lack something, (like your significant other) it is really an illusion.  Every situation in your life has be designed for your own personal correction and growth.  If this time in your life dictates that you are alone, well hello… enjoy the ride!

You can feel when love is alive in you and around you  It is akin to living in a “lighter” existence,  a “walking on water” feeling.  You know one special person can evoke those feeling of elation, bliss and ecstasy in you  However, it exists within you, that even without that special person, all those feeling of bliss can and exist in you.  Everyone that has ever been loved, can actualize that program, embedded in your hardware. Just by reactivating that love, it becomes  alive, as the moment you experienced it. Love is your elixir to inspire you to achieve your higher good and get closer to the Universal Intelligence ( Gd) that runs this place!  If you want “love in your life” evoke the parts within you where love is alive. Ask yourself what inspires you to love. Invite Love in. Feel the places within you that may be blocked and are the impediments to achieving your desire to be loved and love back.

Precious hearts, download the programs of love, available to each person, in perfect alignment for each one of us  Delete all the corrupted programs and virus’s within you that are stopping you from living in loves abundance. Just as you would like to have guests over for dinner, you could not expect for them to eat in a dirty kitchen and stale corrupted food.  Your vessel must be prepared prior to wanting to meet your beshert.

Clear out the old and prepare each day anew, ready to love and be loved.  There is no shortage of ways to imbue your spirit and your life with love.

If you find yourself single, without your significant other today, embrace it and be grateful that today you have the time to love yourself unconditionally without compromise. Most importantly  thank your Gd or this precious time, designed for you.  If you are impatient and want love now… then love. Find someone, something that needs love.  We can activate our “love gene” many ways, it does not have to be in the normal format that you imagine.  Visit someone less fortunate than yourself, and go love them,  ( bring them a hot meal) rescue an animal if you have the means. Do something loving in your life today, it might lessen that “lack” you feel by not having your ideal picture of love revealed to you at this moment in time.  And by doing so you will make a contribution into your own love bank and invite the attribute of Love into our world

Everything in life is always is in a state of change. Do not let yourself stagnate or crystallize in that place of lack.  There is so much love, get into the flow of love, it will find you. Remember, there is no shortage of love in the universe, the only shortage is in your mind.

I love you : – )) and that can be your first deposit of love.