A typical individual identifies with many roles in the course of a lifetime. Early on, the child wonders through discovery, protected by an inner halo of innocence. The child embraces moments with fresh anticipation, and little self reflection.  Gradually, the child advances to roles that offer group security and adopts identifications relating to birth order, and traits that are groomed in emulation of parental figures. In adolescent years, the previous roles that offered security can become claustrophobic in ways that limit discovery and self expression. It is at this time that individuals tend to experiment with more nuanced allegiances and identifications afforded by peer groups.

The human spirit is a wondrous thing, shining most when called upon and recognized. You see this effect clearly in the widening eyes of young children as they are witnessed by their innate virtues. But if you seek it out, you will invariably find it hiding behind the eyes of adults as well. Vitality is a component of spirit, and relationships remain most vital when they are affirming at a soul level.

Engaging in a spiritually affirming relationship with a partner requires one to grasp and cherish their partner on a soul level. A soul is groomed by steady flow of recognition and reverence.  It is a dance requiring a partner to seek out the elusive inner vibrancy that flows from the eternal soul, hidden beneath their partner’s temporal veneer. Once glimpsed, one practices reflecting back the witnessed beauty, sharing the current of that intangible inner vibrancy. This involves guiding one’s inner awareness to sooth partner’s inner world. Reflecting the revelation of their partner’s inner vibrancy, they award it space to shine and gradually transcend the psychological creases that had served to distance the inner self from shining through the various guises and worldly roles one cleaves to. Mindful recognition itself serves to catalyze transformative shifts that set alight the strands of callousness and indifference that served to protect one from pain, but gradually eclipsed the soul’s furtive expression. As you do so, you will witness that the inner song of your partner’s soul was always playing, regardless of where one’s life journey may lead. But, in the warm halo of recognition, that soul’s music will flow ever more harmoniously to gradually uplift all the veneers of material living.

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On A Soul Level

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