While embracing life, the most important spiritual factor is always the degree of intimacy. The great masters were always maintaining a state of great intimacy when engaging in all of life. Many call this intimacy bliss, but in our present lexicon of western culture, it is important to call this eternal state of beingness, “intimacy”, as it best illuminates its achievable coordinates.

In ancient times, natural living was more reliant upon natural cycles and community. Therefore, the notion of sharing an intimacy in heart and mind with one another was ostensively a more natural occurrence. But within our present time and culture, we tend to grow more callous and distant from each other, we underline our differences on ways that foster contention and hierarchy. In this context, connecting through a consciousness of intimacy with another may seem rare, if not unnatural.

The spiritual teachers were always very intimate with all that they engaged in. For example, when they would eat, they would enter into an intimate almost quantum awareness of the vibrations of energy emanating from the food that they were eating. They would take time to add to the grace of the moment to best amplify its potential. They would consecrate their eating by orchestrating states of appreciation and joy that would lift to higher octaves of connectivity and embrace with all of creation. They inhabited a space where the walls of divide implode and there arises a clarity & connection with the essential unity within all things. They would live their lives inhabiting a space of intimacy, because as luminaries that were engaged in life in ways that transcend linear definition, they recognized that as a race we are most powerful in our intimacy.

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Intimacy is Calling

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