this weeks Torah Portion is a poetic admonition that Moses addressed to Israel before he passed away from this world. He said…Gather to me all the leaders of your tribes and your officers that I may speak these words to them and call the heavens and the earth as witnesses for them. Listen… give ear O’Heaven and Hear O’Earth. Moses was attached to the heavens… he was tuned in to the morality and the responsibility that he had as a leader of the nation of Israel. there is a difference between hearing and listening. when we hear we are the masses…connected to the physical and the mundane… when we listen we are connected to the morality in the highest and purest form. we are all leaders… we have some sort of influence on our children… our friends… our colleagues… we cannot adhere to the false pretense to do as I say and not as I do… if we want to have a positive influence in this world and live up to our truest potential… we must set an example by choosing to do Right! inspired from: Torah on the line. 905 731 7777