this week’s Torah Portion teaches us that You are all standing Today before the Lord your G-D. on the day of Judgement! the best opportunity of the year to return to the roots of our identity and to accept the sovereignty of

G-D and his kingship over Israel and over the world! each one fulfilling his task and his function. no place for arrogance, for a sense of superiority or exclusivity, each one completes everyone else by contributing something unique. Israel is one before G-D WHEN AND ONLY WHEN, EACH JEW FULFILS THE MISSION WHICH IS HIS ALONE. When the masks of self-deception are broken and this essential self-that he is a veritable part of G-D above -expresses itself in all details of his daily life, in thought, speech and deed.

Cf. Rambam, hilchot Gerushin, end of ch. 2.Tanya, Part 1, ch.2.