Lisa Kates

Lisa Kates, B.A.S. As an inspirational writer Lisa offers her own style of truthful loving wisdom. Lisa's goal is to help enlighten one to love, to know love, recognize and embrace its greatness. " must empty one's cup and make a space for the great love in your life". Remember Love is unlimited and there is an infinite flow. Just keep loving.

Awaiting the Spring

Gazing out across the lakes frozen tundra, I can count so many varying shades of grey. I begin to find sublime humor and awesomeness in each varying shade. The clock says spring, but I am feeling cold and unmoved by [...]

The Journey to Love, not Loves Destination

Every day there exists in the universe abundance, even if your perspective does not support this,  because you lack something, (like your significant other) it is really an illusion.  Every situation in your life has be designed for your own [...]