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How Closed Is Your Box?


Adam and Eve had it good. Adam was lucky because he didn’t have to search far and wide. Eve was lucky because for Adam, she was a the right place at the right time, and she didn’t have to search far and wide either. Times have changed though, and meeting other eligibles isn’t so easy, but it can be a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

Thursday night date night, either with that special someone, or even your girls or guys, your group. You’ve decided to go to one of your favourite spots, because the last time, you had a great time. You love the place, and the people are great. And, you’re single, and you’ve always got one eye on the scenery, just-in-case, right? Sure. I remember those days. I had this one friend, and whenever we went out, she’d always be thinking, in the back of her mind who might she meet tonight. I know this because I remember her telling me. She didn’t want to meet strangers per se, but would be curious about who she may recognize and strike a connection with, or who might one of our friends bring along that’s “new.” That never happened. And if it did, that person really wasn’t “new”, they just hadn’t been out with us for a long time and chances were, she interested in them in the first place, so nothing ever happened for her when we did go out. Does this sound familiar?

As human beings, this is what we do. We’re great adherers of the “herd” mentality. We travel in groups and tend to repeat the same behaviours and go to the same place, and do the same things. Why? Because it’s what we learn to come to know. It’s familiar and comfortable. But when we’re single and “looking”, or ready to meet someone, going to the same places with the same people, time after time, only produces the same result; not much of anything. You end up having a nice time, but you’re not meeting anyone new. You just end up going to the same place with the same crowd.

Yes, the more the merrier, but in going to same places all the time, you may find that although you’re having a nice time, it’s the same old, same old. Time to step outside of the box, and think new, think different. Your hit rate here is about, oh, 100%. Go somewhere new. Go with people you don’t usually go out with. You’re guaranteed to at least see new people, if not meet new people. Stepping out of what’s comfortable not only exposes you to new, but exposes everyone else to new too, and, it builds character and confidence.  It’s win-win.

Change is difficult for most of us. But once tried, you may see that stepping out of your box brings new experiences, new people, and a new outlook too!

Lauren XO