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Welcome to The World's Largest and Most Pro- Active Jewish Matchmaking Website

Soulmates is a very unique worldwide Jewish matchmaking service.  We are not new;  we have been around since the dawn of time.   Jewish people do not live exclusively in Israel but all over the world;  our services are needed more than ever before.

We adhere to a few basic truths.  There is no guessing or computer matching with soulmates.net. We do not post your bio or expose you to the computer world.  Soulmates does the work for you.  Our questionnaire is kept confidential and is only accessible to Soulmates administrators. We do network with professional matchmakers and with your permission they have access to our singles photos and profiles.  They do not have access to contact information. 

At Soulmates we know that matches are made in heaven;  angels are needed to do the work on earth.

We know that for every Adam there is an Eve.  We also know that when two souls are united the sparks fly. We do our utmost best to make this happen.  The rest is from above.

Our matchmaker, Eve Potok has been highly recommended by our friends and clients for having found them their Soulmate.

Soulmates is the ultimate in Jewish seeking Jewish.  Our client base consists of reform to modern orthodox singles.  We know that one of the best ways  for two people to meet is through a common friend or relative.  At Soulmates we are that caring friend or relative that speaks very highly of you to members of the opposite sex.

Toronto has a large, vibrant Jewish Community.  Soulmates is perfectly placed to access Toronto and additional Jewish communities around the world.   

With the advent of the Internet, Eve has the ability to use her expert skills to aid people in any city anywhere in the world!

Soulmates has had and continues to have write ups in Magazines, such as Chatelaine, The Jewish Vibe  and Television interviews, standing advertisements in major Jewish newspapers, coupled with media write-ups in such papers as the Canadian Jewish News, The Jewish Tribune, The National Post, The Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail.  As a result, Soulmates is able to supply our members with a steady stream of prospective introductions. Enrollment has skyrocketed since Soulmates first launched it's website in early 1995 and has access to the largest list of Jewish singles in Canada.

With G-d's help, Soulmates can assist people of the faith wishing to stay in the faith to find that special someone they have been searching for. Soulmates is not a simple dating service. Our ultimate goal is to see our members married!

Eve brings people together based on careful research and an intuition perfected from years of experience. Her understanding of people's needs, wants and aspirations has made Soulmates the World's Largest and Most Pro-Active Jewish Matchmaking Service.

Soulmates is Your Jewish Matchmaking Service to the World. 

 Established 1990 

80% success Rate.  

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Please feel free to send questions to:

Eve Potok
President - Soulmates Worldwide Jewish Matchmaking.