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Hi there

I  am so grateful for your efforts in helping people connect  

???  is an amazing person who was everything you said  

He is a wonderful man...and an experience to  enjoy and learn from. 

He loves dogs the country and city and has a funny sense of humor   He is smart in business. 

I am soul searching right now and dealing with family and business matters .Life is a journey ...and a blessing. 


You certainly know people .

You are a professional people person and are well connected .

I highly recommend you in matters of the heart and mates.

Warmest regards   ,




I think that what you do is amazing!  Helping people get together and creating love and

uniting families.  your an angel... 


It has taken us a while to reach out and thank you. Elliott and I met Nov of 2004 and we are a few months from celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. We are blessed with two beautiful boys and we regularly thank you for our introduction to each other. I wanted you to see photos of the amazing kids we get to raise.

Hope all is wonderful with you. Happy Purim.

Thank you




Mazel Tov to R and E


Almost four years ago Eve used her talents and insights to introduce a woman she met at a family wedding to a guy she knew and fixed up before. While neither of us were sure about each other in the beginning, Eve knew better, because over time the old adage that opposites attract was fulfilled and a bond was formed based on love and friendship. Today we have just returned from our honeymoon vacation.
Thank you Eve. Once again you knew what you were doing."

Warm regards


Mazel Tov to B and M

who have been successfully in a committed relationship since 2011



Mazel Tov to S and M

who have been successfully in a committed relationship since 2003




Mazel Tov to M and S

who have been successfully in a committed relationship since 2012


Mazel Tov to E and L

who have been successfully in a committed relationship since 2013



Iwill totally be in touch when I am free and clear and ready for introductions.

LikeI said you have been stellar. I love your dedication and mission in introducingpeople.


Finding a soulmate is hard work isn't it. I was seeingsomeone for several months but it didn't work out.

Do you have anyone in mind to set me up with. I trust yourtaste.



Hope all is well. Having the best time with........ You did SO GOOD with him!! He's amazing. Thank you!


She is awesome, we areboth so happy that you did this. Cheque being sent to you today. Thanks!!


 am loving youthese days for ______




 Thank you, she is great,beyond words!!!!


 "Thank you again..... thank u thank u thank u...thank u..... I found the best guy through you in the whole

  wide world"...



Things are going beautifully with Lisa

Thank you for finding me such a good match!

Thank you so much... you are very, very kind and very optimistic and great!!!  I love you...

I cannot help but tell you how I appreciate you for your being in my life...









And Hundreds More....