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Welcome to Uber Soulmates.

Are you an Uber soulmate? Of course you are. But what does that really mean? The dictionary definition of Uber is “denoting an outstanding or supreme example of a particular kind of person or thing.” Often, we associate uber with other definitions as well, like heightened, spectacular, chic, riche, and the ultimate.

So, it would stand to reason that if you’re an “Uber Soulmate“, then you express, exude, and exemplify all these qualities. You’re a leader, a model in the public eye, and someone to follow. We each have about 7 seconds to size someone up and make an emotional decision based on what we “feel”, see, and perceive about someone; you’re attractive, very good-looking, and highly desirable. On the outside. But how does your inside match? Do you open your mouth and disappoint, or do you continue to exude your uber?

Here’s the catch, your uber isn’t your ego, your swag, or your impressive one-liners and your dress-to-impress attitude. Your uber is who you are. Who you really are.T he real, bona fide you. No catch phrases, no fancy to-swarthy one-liners, and no machismo ego that you turn on and turn off. Ladies, that’s for you too. An Uber Soulmate is one whose outside matches their inside. Consistently. You wear your heart on your sleeve, you park your ego at the door, and you never, ever, turn it on or off as needed. That’s what anyone, single or not, is looking for–someone who’s consistent, inside and out. Otherwise, the honeymoon ends quick, and there’s disappointment all around.

This is what I remind my clients…Be upfront. Strut your stuff, but be sure you’re being honest with yourself. The smoke-and-mirrors gig gets old fast, and eventually the smoke settles, and what’s left in the mirror, is mere dust. At Uber Soulmates, we pride ourselves on the real, the outstanding, and the supreme of Singles who are looking for their lifetime partner, who can Uber together, live an exemplary life together, and lead by example.

Welcome, to, and happy dating.